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About Cotton

cotton bollThe cotton plant is more of a shrub that has three-lobed leaves. Known botanically as Gossypium malvaceae, the cotton plant is found in tropical climates, but is successfully cultivated in temperate climates too. It requires evenly distributed rainfall. The cotton plant does not have to rely on rainfall where irrigation exists.

Cotton seeds are planted in furrows. The plant is quite prone to pest invasion, most common of which is the boll weevil that causes enormous damage. To prevent loss of cotton production, genetically altered disease-resistant cotton strains are being developed. After the cotton bolls mature, they are removed from the plant and de-seeded before baled. The cotton cloth undergoes various processes such as carding, combing, spinning, and weaving.

The United States has been the world’s top cotton producing nation until recently. This honor now goes to China, followed by the USA and India. Brazil, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey are other prominent cotton producing countries. China and India are the top cotton manufacturers of cotton material.

History of Cotton
Cotton is the earliest of fabrics known to man. Ancient civilizations in India, China, and Egypt were among the earliest that spun, weaved, and dyed cotton and wore clothes made from the weaved cloth. Cotton was introduced in Europe in the first century by Arab traders. However, cultivation of the plant began as late as the 9th century in Spain, when the Moors began the trend. Cotton began its journey into UK in the 15th century. East India Company was instrumental in introducing the cotton fabric in UK in a big way along with other exotic fabrics from India.

The cotton gin, used for separating the cottonseed from the fiber, was invented in 1793. The industrial revolution saw the advent of mechanized textile production plants. Britain became one of the largest importers of Indian cotton and suppliers of cotton fabric.

Cotton continues to be the numero uno fabric for the simple reason that it is natural, versatile, and highly comfortable in all kinds of weather conditions.

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