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Cotton Seed-For Processing Oil

Cotton seed is generally is a byproduct of the main crop. Since it is not a food crop it is cultivated with chemicals, hence not really edible. But the cotton seed oil is acidic and off sets the alkaline nature of soil.  Cotton seeds are used for processing oil. It has a mild taste, is generally clear and is light yellowish golden. The color also depends on the refining method. The smoking point of cottonseed oil is approximately 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to its stability, the products made from this oil have longer self life. Cotton seed has structure similar to other oilseeds such as sunflower seed which has an oil bearing kernel surrounded by hard outer hull, while processing the oil is extracted from this kernel.
Cottonseed oil naturally hydrogenated oil because the saturated fatty acids it contains are the natural oleic, palmitic and stearic acids. The fatty acids make it stable frying oil without the need for additional processing or the formation of trans fatty acids. It is used for frying and commercial cooking. It is found in margarine and shortening. Most commercially fried corn and potato chips are fried in cottonseed oil. As a hydrogenated product, it is found in cocoa butter and frozen deserts. Its flavor brings stability to the foods. There is much scrutiny by nutritionists with regards to use of cotton seed oil in food. They consider it to be high in saturated fat and too low in monounsaturated fat-hence it is quite avoidable.

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