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Make a cotton quilt

Making a cotton quilt is very easy. Buy a quilting magazine and find a pattern that’s marked ‘Easy’ or ‘Beginner’. The tools required are fabric, thread, scissors, a cutting mat and a rotary cutter and quilting ruler. Also you need to purchase batting, which is the middle layer of the quilt, and enough additional fabric to cover the back of the quilt. The first activity is to Cut out the pieces that go...

Cotton Salwar Kameez – A way to go this summer

Cotton Salwar Kameez or Cotton Salwar Suits are  maximum sellable items in the hot season wordwide specially in Indian women community. Cotton Kameez Salwar are popular according to its quality and prize. There is a big range in cotton kameez salwar. There are many types of cotton salwar kemeez that can be found in the market 1. 100% Cotton : This is made of seed-pod of the plant of cotton, silk fibre in their raw...
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