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important uses of cotton wool

Amongst its many other uses, one cannot imagine the medical and cosmetic industry without cotton wool. Cotton wool is also referred as linters in UK. In fact at every stage these consumer-specific industries depend on cotton wool to remain clean, hygienic and healthy. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons why cotton’s greatness is extolled by the world. This multipurpose fabric is absolutely indispensable in these industries. Artists require cotton wool to remove make-up.

Medical practitioners, nurses, laboratory assistants, clinics require cotton wool for many processes. Medically cotton wool is required as it is highly absorbent. It can make a ‘clean sweep’ and clear all stains. It is not a surprise that cotton wool first was used medically in England by a doctor. Since then and even now cotton wool is a staple in all inventories. Some of the other multi-layers of this versatile material include bandages, gauze, swabs, pads and pouches and buds.

China has some of the latest equipment which manufactures the cotton wool products at cheap prices. They have been making medical products made of cotton wool for long with the standard CE marks required for the products to be certified as usable. In the Jiangsu province there are many medical related manufacturers. Some have nearly 15 species of cotton wool swabs (with paper, stick, plastic etc). They have been exporting to the western countries for at least 20 years now. They are well versed in making the entire surgical products dealing in useful cotton wool.

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