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International Cotton-Grown worldwide

Cotton is the largest contributor for flourishing economy for several countries and providing employment. It is a natural resource of myriad uses. It is eminent for its flexibility, appearence, performance and most importantly for its natural comfort.with International Cotton in the spotlight, most farmers have switched to 100 % cotton production. Due to its extreme usage it is spawning millions of jobs to people. Some even call this fibre the wonder fibre.
There are different types of International Cotton producers worldwide. The characteristics of International Cotton may vary. This is due to the growing conditions that include soil, fertilizers and climate. International cotton is grown on a large scale for its diverse applications in textiles, home furnishings, apparels and industries. Different kinds of international cotton are recognized by the name of the region or the country it is produced in. The quality also depends on colour, length of the staple and the fineness of the fibre. In US cotton is produced across 17 states. It is also a leading cash crop in the United States. Egypt is renowned for its finest cottons production in the world. It is light brown in colour and widely sold globally.
The other well known International Cotton types are from:
· American Pima – Grown in Texas, Arizona, South California and New Mexico
· Asiatic Cotton – Grown in India, China and Near East
· Upland Cotton – Grown widely in several parts of America
Today usage of International Cotton is extensive especially in the fashion industry.

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