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spinning a yarn about cotton yarn

Let’s go back in time and see how cotton yarn was made with vegetables and herbs. What made them truly organic and not what processes are done today to make cotton yarn. Ancient India has books on Ayurvastra (organic clothing) and how the processes were healthy so that cotton yarn that was made had the right effect on the mind of the person. Even then comfort and styling was kept in mind! It is also interesting to note that natural herbs like neem, tulsi, sida, turmeric, and sandalwood were used to treat the cotton yarn. What to know more? Read on.
Herbs like neem, tulsi, sida, turmeric, and sandalwood are all considered to be healing by nature. Their properties aid the body and the mind. Herbal dyes were prepared under specific and controlled temperatures so that the fabric became long lasting. The raw cotton yarn was cleaned by natural gum. After that medicinal dyes were used which were made of indigo, pomegranate, turmeric plants. When a fabric is treated this way it helps in balancing the mind, increases the body immunity too. Along with these the roots, barks and seeds of some trees and plants are also used to make the medicinal dyes. Wild basil, tea leaves or khus for used as sun screens! The lovely colors were made by the medicinal dyes. Since chemicals were unheard of, there was no way the method of making cotton yarn was ever diluted. It became the best way to protect the skin.

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